Bank offers solutions for your business' different financial needs. From current account to electronic account, cheque account or an international payment card, we are here to provide you with financial solutions.

Current Account:
Current Business Account is a pool account where you can deposit your corporate earnings and use as you wish. You can benefit from various banking services from this account.Using this account, you can order transfers, payments, corporate invoice payments, withdraw cash, and many more

Savings Account:
In order to benefit from our interest rates, you can open an Corporate Savings Account with us based on a period of your choice.At the end of the interest period, unless stated by account holder is renewed with same terms and current interest rate.Upon maturity, your earned interest can be deposited to an account of your choice. Alternatively, you can choose to withdraw the interest only and carry on with the original savings terms. If you decide to withdraw your main depoist before its maturity, you can still earn an interest based on the days passed.If you wish to open an Savings Account through our internet account, you must open an e-account first. Once you create your e-account then you can order a Savings Account easily with a simple instruction for us.You can open a Savings Account with 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 1 year maturity options in, EUR, USD, GBP currencies.

Chekings Account:
Very similar to current account, checking account can provide your business with an overdraft credit limit whenever you need. This mean you can make payments even when your balance does not carry any balance.

With this account you can perform;
Direct Debits - Monthly Salary Deposits - Exchange Transactions - Foreign Exchange Transfers - Shopping - Cash Withdrawal
The interest capitalization is applied every 3 months for checking accounts.
Having a checking account with us gives your company the opportunity to enjoy many banking services without using any cash, with the backing of Bank.

When you open a corporate e-account with us, you can enjoy 24/7 unlimited access to your account from anywhere in the world via internet.Bank e-account gives you an access to many internet banking services such as online transfers, instant statements, and many more. Your e-account is only seconds away.

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