About Us

AC Bank is a multi-purpose, modern and dynamically developing bank, which uses the newest management technologies.
AC Bank is a team of young and qualified professionals.

AC Bank credo is to react rapidly to the changing market environment, a carefully elaborated strategy, development of information technologies, flexibility and loyalty, which ensures stable growth and consolidation of the Bank's positions. We are always open for dialogue. Confidentiality and individual approach to the needs of the Customers are the key to successful co-operation.
The Bank's policy is to ensure individual approach of managers towards each Customer and to supply all necessary information, while maintaining confidentiality.

AC Bank enjoys confidence and respect in the business world. There are large commercial and state banks, big companies, as well as consulting and insurance companies, which do their business both, in Anjouan and abroad, among the Bank's partners.

Our goal: To reach a new level of quality in Customer servicing, to consolidate the Bank's positions in the market of banking services, as well as to create a stable and recognisable trademark.

Our mission: To provide banking services complying with international standards; to offer the Bank's Customers the most up-to-date banking products and services; to constantly introduce new services and products, many of which are unique for the offshore Banking market.

Modern technologies and highly qualified employees of AC Bank ensure the efficiency and quality of services corresponding to international banking standards.

Our priorities:
* To aspire to the highest professional standards in Customer servicing, to protect the interests of every Customer, to ensure a flexible and individual approach to servicing.
* To observe laws, ethical norms and rules of fair business, to fulfill all obligations perfectly and to guard the Bank's reputation.
* To make all the modern technologies and knowledge we're armed with available to our Customers.
* To observe the principle of neutrality towards financial and industrial groups, political parties and unions and to act in the interests of investors, customers and shareholders.
* To develop and improve the range of services provided to the Customers, practising the principle of reasonable conservatism.
To value our staff and to create such working conditions, under which all employees can fully realise their talents.

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